RapidHarvest 1.3

RapidHarvest is yet another Rapidshare download manager for Windows

RapidHarvest is yet another Rapidshare download manager for Windows. I thought I had seen enough, but apparently there is a market for these applications. RapidHarvest boasts that it is the only download manager that allows you to create your own scripts to detect Rapidshare links on any website. I have seen other download managers that do just that without even needing you to write a script for it. The application isn't really the most complete one that I have seen, but it does what it is supposed to do. You grab a couple of Rapidshare links, you add them to the application, and they start downloading. You can use a queue system to input tons of links at the same time. You can even paste a lot of links to a text file and tell RapidHarvest to grab them all and start downloading them. The graphical user interface seems to be simple and to the point, which should make things easier for you. I will give the developer kudoz for that. RapidHarvest is free but the developer will ask you for donations every single chance he gets and the description and the help on the website is written with awful English.

José Fernández
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